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21. Sagittarius. Cannabis enthuiast. Cosmic Revolutionary. Avid bacon eater.

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“He saved me in every way that a person can be saved.”

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Individually, they could take down any bender. Together, they could take down the entire world.

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why doesn’t anyone ever mention how good at sewing spiderman is

Spiderman would be the ultimate cosplayer

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What playing with action figures felt like.


What playing with action figures felt like.

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Ok is it bad i ship them together? I mean think about it: 13 years apart and there is still that look of awe in his eyes. If i was evil and out to kill the avatar, id want a love like this.

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So that’s it, no weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away and what’s left? 


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I can imagine Asami mentality saying ‘ow’ with every one of Korra’s punches.

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if you didn’t leave a handprint on the booty then did you really smack it

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Kelly Rowland texting Nelly via Microsoft Excel and then getting annoyed when he doesn’t text back.

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